How can I create true wealth?

As entrepreneurs and business leaders, we have the opportunity to engage with these seven types of capital in two primary ways.

Firstly, we can contribute to these types of capital or wealth through our efforts and the way we conduct business. This contribution is vital, as we hold the belief that these types collectively represent a life of abundance and genuine wealth.

Secondly, these types also function as assets within our companies, available for us to manage and utilize in generating wealth.

The company and its assets   –>   The goal: wealth creation and solving the needs of the customer

At the heart of this model lies the company’s purpose (spiritual capital). It describes your beliefs as an entrepreneur about business and your aspirations for the company. This core acts like the axle of a wheel, with the other capital types revolving around it. The investment in each capital type is evaluated based on its alignment with the company’s purpose, its potential to fortify other capitals, and its contribution to a rich and fulfilled life.

The uniqueness of each company lies in how it addresses these needs. However, all companies should pursue this in a financially rewarding way, fostering the growth of an abundant life for everyone involved.

The challenge is to effectively utilize these resources and multiply them, leading to the organic growth of true wealth. Wondering how to achieve this? Explore our Insight.

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