True wealth

How to live a fulfilled life

Business is often viewed as a zero-sum game where one person’s success comes at the expense of others. The question is, can we shift to a win-win approach that benefits everyone, fostering a more fulfilling life and business? Explore this perspective for a more satisfying and well-being-oriented journey.

Wealth is what remains
after money is gone!


We believe that the economy and businesses should contribute to life in a broader sense, rather than solely pursuing financial gain. Therefore, we have dedicated this insight to exploring how we, as entrepreneurs and business leaders, can generate wealth and well-being that positively impact life as a whole. We introduce seven types of capital and wealth that are tightly interlinked in their capacity to create value, wealth, and well-being, providing you with tools to run your business.


We’ve created this guide to introduce an idea for an operating system in your company based on Seven Capitals. This approach aims to enhance well-being and adopts a more holistic perspective beyond solely multiplying money. This guide also provides questions for discussing the video in a small group.

You can download this guide for free


This toolkit is designed for personal application.

Our objective is to assist you as a business leader or entrepreneur in identifying or reigniting your passion and purpose, helping you define your values and guiding principles, craft a personal mission statement, use it as a benchmark, and form a support team. We offer personal mentoring and support as part of this toolkit.

More information will be available soon.

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