How can meaningful relationships look like?

A definition I often use is: ‘Close and meaningful relationships are like a beautiful dance where you are fully known and yet deeply loved. It’s about having the capacity to receive love and being able to know and love others, too.’

Picture it as a dance, something cooperative, always moving, and filled with energy. Feeling loved for who you truly are, even on your not-so-great days, is an incredible experience. We all have moments when we might feel ashamed or make mistakes, but in a great relationship, you’re still loved.

For this dance to work, you need to be open to receiving love, appreciate it, and feel good about yourself, drawing from past experiences of genuine love. This foundation enables you to sincerely love others, ensuring a healthy self-love, a sense of security, and the ability to be interested in, understand, and care for others without expecting anything in return.

This dance of sharing and receiving love, accepting each other despite imperfections, leads to a wonderful and joyful life.

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