Meaningful relationships in business?

I believe it is. Consider this example: Cooperation in teams or ecosystems building.

When we aim to expand beyond ourselves and grow, collaboration becomes essential. Bringing together experts from diverse fields often leads to the creation of new, innovative, and beautiful things. However, these collaborations are subject to certain rules:

  • Respect and Acknowledgment: To work together effectively, it’s crucial to respect, acknowledge, and value each other’s differences.

  • Holistic Perspective: Individuals must consider the entire picture, not just their own interests.

  • Fair Distribution: All profits and benefits should be shared among stakeholders, ensuring everyone is compensated for their contribution.

  • Valuing Every Member: Recognizing that everything valuable is fragile, and everyone, even the seemingly weakest, has inherent worth. Inclusion and honour for all are essential.

  • Mutuality and Win-Win: Cooperation thrives on mutual benefit. It’s not just about one party winning; it’s about everyone gaining.

  • Trust as the Foundation: Trust is the currency of trade, business, and wealth. Upholding trust, even when it seems challenging, is non-negotiable. Societies with high trust flourish, while low trust societies tend to be less prosperous.

  • Love as the driver. Love is the key to understanding the core of another person. It allows us to see essential traits, potentialities, and empowers them to become reality.

These rules closely align with the principles of meaningful relationships.

If you’re interested in more examples and delving deeper into how meaningful relationships can thrive in business, watch our video and download our guide on this Insight soon.

For further insights, consider also reading ‘The Jerusalem Entrepreneur, Becoming a Source of Well-Being’ by Wouter Droppers, available on Amazon or in your preferred language.

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