What are essentials for a purposeful life?

Unlocking a clear purpose is a transformative journey, and we believe it involves five crucial requirements:

  • Is bigger than yourself:

A genuine purpose extends beyond personal pursuits of success or happiness. It encompasses a commitment to the broader world, involving acts of giving, caring, and loving others.


  • You are passionate about it:

True purpose is fuelled by passion, an intense drive rooted in your emotions. Identifying and understanding your passion is paramount for formulating a purpose that ignites energy. Passion emerges from your values, a sense of dissatisfaction, or a burning desire to make a positive impact.


  • It is challenging, realistic and attainable:

Ambitions should stretch and inspire, but they must also be realistic and achievable. Recognizing your personal traits, talents, motivational circumstances, and competences is vital in setting goals that propel you forward without losing faith.


  • It is about real people:

At the core of a purposeful life is a commitment to humanity. We believe every individual holds profound importance, and it is our shared responsibility to contribute to the well-being of all on this earth.


  • Holds in all circumstances:

Life is unpredictable, but a robust purpose remains steadfast regardless of circumstances. Victor Frankl, in ‘Man’s Search for Meaning,’ highlighted love as the ultimate goal. Embracing love as your purpose provides unwavering motivation, guiding you through both challenging and triumphant moments.

Discovering your passion, values, and crafting your own purpose or mission statement can be a profound journey. Explore our Insight to learn more.

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