What does failing teach us?

Our study on people who have experienced extreme difficulties and unimaginable losses, where they felt helpless and uncertain about the future, uncovered some common traits:

  • Listen, reflection and meditation: They dedicated time to listen to the situation. They reflect and meditate, to discover the truth about their circumstances. They courageously faced the reality and pondered what actions they could still take within the given situation. Rather than dwelling on the past, they embraced the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and grow.


  • Search for Purpose: During reflection, they also searched for the deeper purpose of their existence. They explored what could provide meaning and significance to their lives within the challenging circumstances. So, they could move away from it and life a more fulfilled life.


  • Practising hope in taking small, purposeful steps: They initiated small, measured steps to practice and live out their newfound purpose within the constraints of their circumstances. Adopting an attitude of gratitude to appreciate what was still possible and available.


  • Building supportive relationships: They surrounded themselves with genuine friends and supportive individuals who played an enabling role in their lives. Even in moments of despair, they remained transparent, open, and accountable to others, seeking advice, help, and opportunities to learn from those around them.

Interested in real live stories? Watch our video about Failing Well soon.

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